We are proud to present our first fragrance… Daxau 1st!

Daxau 1st

Daxau 1st is a unique fragrance composed of rose, lavender, and hay. For Susanne Michalke the scent of country life has a very special meaning – it reminds of snugness and homeland, of unburdened days in the countryside. The fragrance series contains a sophisticated Eau de Parfum and two special candles in the Daxau style with which the air of summer in the countryside can be revived at any time.
The special fragrances were produced with and for the highest standards. They contain only the best ingredients free of synthetic and allergenic components. The distinctive Daxau Style, pure and classy.


Rose, Lavender und Hay

Daxau Style International represents a unique composition of the best scents oft he countryside with combination of rose, lavender, and hay. Many generations ago the landlords appreciated the perfume of hay. Together with precious roses and seductive lavender a wonderful Eau de Parfum was created standing for comfort, homeland, and relaxation.


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